Planning and Cost Control Supervisor Jobs at CEPCO January 2020

Job Summary:

The Project Planning & Control Specialist will be responsible for gathering data concerning material, equipment and labour which will facilitate developing projects plans, schedules and rough plans as well as ensuring whether the project is executed in compliance with the project plan and budget.

Major Duties & Responsibilities:

·       Ensure the implementation of the Project Planning & Control function’s objectives, plans, policies & procedures and assure they serve as basis for all the function’s operations.

·       Monitor the operating results of the Project Planning & Control function, compare them to established goals and objectives, and report results to the Monitoring & Control Services Director.

·       Ensure compliance of Project Planning & Control function’s operations to CEPCO’s policies and regulations in order to avoid any discrepancies or unsatisfactory results.

·       Coordinate with all concerned divisions / departments to gather data concerning material, service, equipment and labour which will facilitate developing the project plans.

·       Assist Project Managers in the development of detailed Primavera baseline programs, and ensuring consistency with contract documents (Conditions of Contract, Specifications, Bill of Quantities and Drawings and Method Statement).

·       Ensure proper coordination with project managers in the preparation of the budget while ensuring consistency with contract documents and feasibility of cash flow with the Finance & Accounting department.

·       Maintain projects cost code structure and ensure proper allocation of project direct and indirect costs.

·       Monitor whether the project is executed in compliance with the project plan through performing the following:

o   Identifying current timeline status.

o   Determining the effects due to changes that might affect the project’s time schedule

o   Identifying whether the time schedule is changed or not.

o   Managing actual changes as they occur

·       Monitor the progress and spending of projects to minimize risks on CEPCO and ensure delivery on time and budget.

·       Provide expert analysis to management on project progress versus baseline program and identify / forecast delays and risks.

·       Ensure proper calculation of individual cost items such as labour, materials, and time costs, as well as relationship of revenue to cost and overhead expenditures.

·       Consolidate baseline programs and budgets from all projects into a master database.

·       Consolidate all project reports and prepare executive reports for the Executive Management Team.

·       Consolidate cost control schedule KPIs from all projects and identify/ forecast budget overruns.

·       Analyze overall project performance by investigating schedule and budget overruns and possible shortcomings and identify key lessons learned.

·       Conduct and schedule review meetings to discuss project progress and to assist in developing alternatives to accommodate changes in priorities and evaluate schedule impact of proposed changes throughout the project.

·       Archive all transmitted project documents for future reference such as purchase orders and change order requests.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

· ·       Provide guidance and leadership to all employees to ensure effective and efficient flow of work, and ensure all employees recognize their fundamental role in the function.

·       Delegate some responsibilities to appropriate subordinates in order to benefit from smooth running of the function’s operation.

·       Monitor the adherence of the function’s employees to the department’s guidelines, policies and procedures.

·       Perform other duties related to the job as assigned by the Monitoring & Control Services Director.

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