Toll Production Supervisor/ Manager (Pharmacist) Jobs in Orchidia Pharmaceutical Industries November 2019

About the Job
  • Prepares operational schedules and coordinates manufacturing activities
  • Monitors the production processes and its conformance to regulations and identifies any deviation and trend.
  • Ensures that plant facilities , utilities ,equipment are maintained well to meet production plan
  • Maintain batch record & relevant documents to ensure that all production steps are performed correctly, signed by production staff & QA member.
  • Prepare plan for process validation cleaning validation & execute the validation plan in coordination with validation team.
  • Ensure that all rules & regulation regarding GMP are followed.
  • Monitors safety programs to eliminate industrial accidents.
  • Documents procedures used to assemble; process and test company’s products.
  • Monitors effectiveness of production process and determines any necessary changes to processes, equipment to support the production activity.
  • Supervise Preparation, filtration & autoclaving processes.
  • Follow up integrity testing for used filters according to authorized SOP.
  • Follow up availability of primary packaging materials for filling machine.
  • Follow up cleaning and fumigation of sterile area.
  • Monitoring of RH%, Temp., and ΔP inside sterile area.
  • On job training for specialists, technician supervisor & technicians about GMP regulations.
  • Batch record review, revise logbooks and other documents related to sterile area.
  • Represent production department in validation team.
  • Represent production department in internal audit team.
  • On job training for operators about GMP regulations during cleaning & operation of filling machines.
  • Follow up receiving of primary packaging materials for CAM & BOTTLE PACK filling machine.
  • Follow up machine filling rates.
  • Complete filling stage in batch record.
  • Follow up recording in logbooks.
  • Receiving of raw materials from WH.
  • Complete reconciliations of capping, over printing, check weigh, labeling & packaging stages in batch record.
  • Follow up record in capping, over printing, check weigh, labeling & packaging logbooks.
Job Requirements
  • Bachelor degree in pharmaceutical science.
  • At least 5 years experience in production in a pharmaceutical company..
  • Good understanding of production processes and production equipment (GMP).
  • Excellent English, verbal / written communication
  • Ability to work well through others
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Has the skill of leadership

To Apply from HERE:–Manager-Pharmacist-Orchidia-Pharmaceutical-Industries-Cairo-Egypt?fbclid=IwAR2eDfEwpoMi5301s4s4M2kckq3zmFix_tbu-jxTPuw3q12gv1-7Nr6uEzE

Factory Manager Jobs in Marcyrl Pharmaceutical Industry November 2019

About the Job

Hire and Train Factory Staff

  • Factory managers participate in interviewing and selecting candidates. They also train new hires on factory policies and procedures.

Delegate Tasks to Factory Staff as Necessary

  • Factory managers constantly walk the factory floor to make sure all employees are performing their assigned tasks.
  • This involves keeping employees content and motivated.

Create and Enforce Quality Control Standard Operating Procedures

  • Factory managers work with quality control managers to develop a standard quality control process and ensuring factory employees work to established standards.

Create and Implement Machine Maintenance Standard Operating Procedures

  • Factory managers make sure factory equipment is running at optimal efficiency.
  • They create a maintenance procedure for every machine and ensure factory employees follow this procedure regularly.

Analyze Factory Production Data and Devising Improvement Strategies as Necessary

  • It is up to the factory managers to keep a close eye on key production metrics.
  • By constantly analyzing this data, factory managers identify and address dips in production before they become major issues.

Create Production Data Reports and Present them to Decision Makers

  • Factory managers create production reports based on their data analysis.
  • They present these production reports to decision makers in strategy meetings on a regular basis
Job Requirements
  • Not less than 10 years of experience.
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Pharmaceutical background

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Senior Recruiter Jobs in Sanofi November 2019

Roles and responsibilities:


  • Running the recruitment strategy discussion with the hiring manager.
  • Using all sourcing channels to ensure getting the best fit to the position: Internal, external, referrals, network, social media, talent pools….etc.
  • Usage of recruitment agency should be to the minimum and with a prior approval by the country HR head and the TA Africa head.


  • Creation of the long list
  • Sending feedback to the internal candidates not fitting the criteria.


  • Preparation for the interview logistics
  • Run the interview from an HR perspectives
  • Ensure getting feedback from the hiring manager
  • Align with the hiring manager on a final decision.


  • Will be responsible for creating the offer.
  • Get the proper approval and document it.
  • Communicate the offer with the selected candidate.
  • Once the offer is done, to ensure that hiring manager run the feedback sessions with at least the interviewed internal candidates.
  • Transfer the candidate to ready to hire and deliver the file to SBS
  • Ensure the data accuracy of all records on workday.
  • Responsible about the TA KPI’s achievements.
  • University relation: Will be part of the communication with universities, employment fair participation after full alignment with the HR head.


  • Ensure that all TA activities are aligned to regional and corporate policies.
  • Creating the culture of proactive recruitment by working closely with the hiring managers, discussing their recruitment plan and creation of database and pool of hires for the most repetitive jobs.
Job Requirements

Criteria and Skills:

  • Not less than 5 years in Talent acquisition activities on large volume and variety of delivery in a matrix organization.
  • Knowledge of key TA Processes and Tools ( Different types of interviews, Testing tools, Assessments, Competence based interviewing skills)
  • Experience in cooperation with local and global providers (Recruitment, Assessments, Testing, Job Boards)
  • Experience in digital approaches in Recruitment (Digital testing tools, Artificial Intelligence, others – relevant examples are required)
  • Preferably experience in Pharma Sector of FMCG’s

Key competencies:

  • Excellent interviewing skills.
  • Strong stakeholder management skills.
  • “Act for change” mind-set and behavior
  • Strong Learning agility
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Strive for results
  • Ability to influence others
  • Cooperate transversely

Minimum qualifications:

  • Suitable bachelor degree – post graduate in HR will be a plus
  • Languages: Fluent English

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Quality Assurance Specialist – IPC Jobs in Hikma Pharmaceuticals November 2019

About the Job

  • Conducting regular investigations to guarantee that workers’ follow safety procedures as required
  • Conducting quality audits as required to ensure compliance with GMP, Quality standards, and sterility regulations throughout the field
  • Handling the pharmaceutical tailing waste according to the set rules and procedures in this regard
  • Carrying out material sampling as needed to conduct QA audits, checking samples’ conformity and taking decisions (Batch Release) of samples’ acceptance
  • Performing pre and post-production quality checks and providing related reports accordingly
  • Carrying out the issuance and weighing process of raw materials to guarantee the conformity of specifications to quality standards, approving the release of materials to production, as well as ensuring compliance of raw material storage with regulatory guidelines
  • Ensuring compliance of plant conditions (Humidity, Temperature,…etc) with set guidelines
  • Checking machine conformity to standards as well as ensuring periodic maintenance implementation
  • Performing other duties related to the job as assigned by the direct supervisor

Job Roles: Pharmaceutical Quality R&D/Science

Job Requirements


  • B.Sc. Degree in Pharmacy or equivalent


  • (1-3) years of experience in a related field in a pharmaceutical company


  • Analysis & Troubleshooting
  • Audit
  • Quality Assurance & Management
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Concern for Quality
  • Initiative & Decision Making

To Apply from HERE:—IPC-Hikma-Pharmaceuticals-Giza-Egypt?l=sp&t=sj&a=Quality%7Csearch-v3%7Cspbl&o=1&fbclid=IwAR1HCz7n9ccqhF5foRUMia17DAfOkE_IelRwBjBTGMGy2ItSFD711Ftwa14

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