Social Media Specialist jobs at April 2022

Haader! is looking for a talented Social Media Specialist to join our team with a proven experience in Sales Field

Send your CV to [email protected] if you find a position of interest for yourself below.
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Job Description
•A Moderator is the face of the Company managing communications with the community on all social networks. You will be responsible for interacting with our customers over our Social Media channels.
•Connect with customers over Social Media Channels
•Answering questions however they come in (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … etc.) and managing any online feedback forms.
•Monitor each post or upload on a social media platform and decide whether or not it requires a response.
•Measure daily customers’ interactions.
•Collaborate with all teams to fulfill Customers’ needs.
•Maintain the Moderation Guidelines and ensure they are up to date.

Job Requirements
•Familiar/actively engaged in social media
•Logical problem-solving skills and ability to multi-task
•1 year of experience as a Social Media Moderator or similar role
•Good understanding of social media KPIs
•Ability to work on night shift
•Males Only can apply
•Work Location: Nasr City

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