E-Commerce Sales Supervisor Jobs in ECRAL-Al Fahd Auto Group August 2019

About the Job

Essential Information

E commerce supervisor develop and carry out the strategic online marketing plans for companies and organizations that do business on the Web. As such, they need to stay current with the online marketing environment and adapt their strategy to best serve the interests of their organization and to keep pace with the competition in their field. Ecommerce supervisor often are heavily involved with companies’ websites, particularly advertising and content elements. Given the 24/7 nature of online shopping, E commerce supervisor may work irregular hours and be on call to handle any issues that arise. They often collaborate with content developers, fellow businesses and customers. They generally are in charge of an organization’s ecommerce division and report to upper management. General duties will include website design, market research, budgeting, interviewing and training new recruits, supervising the e commerce division, and presenting project designs to upper management. Any large business with an online presence will likely employ an e commerce supervisor. As more and more companies operate online, job outlook for this profession is strong.

E commerce Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities the E commerce Supervisor will be primarily responsible for overseeing and managing the e commerce department of a company with a significant online presence. They will handle decision-making for the website, social media accounts, and online advertising. They will also be responsible for research and development of new online marketing strategies, and for hiring and training the rest of the E commerce division.

Website Design

  • Responsible for identifying and coordinating the website in order to increase clarity and ease of navigation for customers
  • Communicate with web designers to develop and change the site as needed.

Research and Development

  • Keeps abreast of new developments in the world of e-marketing. They’ll also look at the company’s basic demographic structure and how to better reach it, in order to increase search engine traffic and the impact of targeted ad purchases
  • Manage the website and develop plans to develop the company’s website.
  • Studying and evaluating the interaction of people on the website

Supervision, Hiring and Training

  • Responsible for supervising the whole electronic sales department, dividing the employees on the tasks assigned to them, submitting their preferred candidates to senior management, and providing the necessary training
  • Management of customer service through the website and the like
  • Management of services to connect with external service providers “Shipping companies and others.
  • Follow up the administrative assistant in the input of data and information concerning the nature of the activity and work of the company website
  • Follow-up of the administrative assistant in the preparation of statistical reports and tables with the data available on the website.
  • Follow-up administrative assistant to ensure that the information entered in modern ways to ensure preservation.
  • Follow-up of competing websites / large brands.
  • Following up the objectives set by the team for marketing campaigns.
  • Supervising the process of entering all data related to the design and construction of the database and applications of the site
  • Follow-up marketing management in marketing campaigns and advertising design, photographing materials, uploading images and entering details and description of the products in the site
  • Evaluate performance by comparing the target to the actual and to show the differences and analysis of the causes and recommending the development of pros and the treatment of negatives in the future.

Project Development and Presentation

  • Coordinate directly with senior management and submit their plans for any new developments or initiatives to improve the company’s presence and its online sales. • Alw
Job Requirements
  • High qualification Bachelor
  • At least 5 years of experience as an electronic sales supervisor
  • The overall appearance is excellent.
  • Fluent English speaking and writing.
  • Knowledge of WordPress
  • Dealing with Social Media


  • Formulation and setting goals.
  • Effective planning
  • Making decisions based on facts.
  • Good dealing with computer programs.
  • Leadership and management skills are high.
  • Extensive knowledge in the field of website management and Internet marketing.
  • the ability to work under pressure.
  • Communicate effectively any communication skills, communicate with others and communicate technical information to non-specialists
  • Coordination skills and allocation of burdens.
  • Prediction and power of observation skills.
  • Negotiation skills in the areas of work.
  • Working in a team

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