Tendering Engineer jobs at Sinoma CDI March 2020

Sinoma CDI is hiring tendering  Engineer
Job Description:
1. Consult technical staff on various products, negotiate sub-contractors labor and suppliers.
2. Identify and quantify cost factors, such as rates, materials and labor expenses.
3. Evaluate the product technical compliance with the client requirements.
4. Develop, negotiate and agree to contract specifications with a variety of external groups, including contractors and end-users.
5. Prepare site visit reports after exploring site conditions and surroundings.
6. Document and verify the availability of sufficient information.
7. Coordinate with the Procurement Department to collect information about market prices for suppliers, subcontractors and equipment based on previously executed projects.
8. Direct study and preparation of profit and loss report.
Prepare technical offers or vendor list offers.
9. Study and evaluate received subcontractor offers.
1. To be graduated from civil department.
2. To have proven experience from 3-5 years in an industrial organization.
To apply, send your CV resume to [email protected]
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