Logistics Administrator Jobs in Target Recruitment & HR Solutions September 2019

About the Job
  • Check the validity of the license.
  • In case of beans received: the driver gives the B/L to the logistics & then a ticket is issued through the system with information as B/L to enter to unload.
  • A loading ticket is issued for the trucks only in the presence of transportation contractor of the customer & the ticket is then given to the security person to follow up the truck entrance & loading in cooperation with the logistics admin at the plant site.
  • After loading the truck driver return to the outbound logistics office with the ticket from the plant scales & previously issued one from the logistics person at inbound logistics office, then a B/L is printed & the contractor sign it & the driver put his finger print, loading supervisory fees are being collected and delivered to accounting every day at 08:00 am & then giving the contractor 1 copy, & we keep the original with the scales tickets.
  • In case of beans, a representative from Beans Transportation Company, take a copy from the B/L.
  • Coordinating with security for truck entrance and departure and logistics issues in plant.
  • Monitoring weighbridge operation and coordinating weigh bridge calibration
  • Loading and dumping sites logistics procedure and organization of trucks.
  • Handling the receiving of empty bags in plant (During Shift).
  • Handling with the bagging contractor to ensure timely and efficient loading.
  • Handling with control room / shift supervisors for all logistics issues(During Shift).
  • Making Tool box meeting, BBS & plus housekeeping process.
  • Creating delivery Orders on the UNIWIN (During Shift)
Job Requirements
  • Bachelor degree in business or any other relevant field
  • Up to 2 years’ Experience in Logistics
  • Computer Skills
  • Hard worker.

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